Benefit Communication & Enrollment

Select Benefits exclusively utilizes a team of highly experienced, trained and seasoned professional benefit counselors licensed in both life and health. Many of our counselors have worked directly with and greatly assisted the employer partners of SBCG for a decade or more. Full understanding of benefits is an employer’s best opportunity to show employees their great value and significance to the workplace.  Your partnership with Select Benefits will allow you to do more for your employees without adding any additional stress or workload.  We work independently, but at your direction.  We are flexible and committed to making the enrollment process as straightforward and uncomplicated for you and your employees as possible.


As a full service benefit communications and administration firm, Select Benefits provides a number of custom tailored services to help simplify the voluntary benefits administration process.

Plan Design Development & Underwriting Negotiation

There are two ways to consider which carriers for which products are the right fit for a given employer.  The first is to consider what we refer to as “Best in Class.”  These are the preferred carriers per product based almost solely on product features and rates alone.  That is to say that if the assumed restrictions such as only offering self-serve products through a particular enrollment platform were lifted these would be the plans that would provide the overall best value to the employee population.  Taking plan features, underwriting and rates into consideration we would suggest considering moving forward with a specific menu of plans offering the optimum combination of rates, underwriting and plan features absent any restrictions.


However, as stated previously, we approach this from two different angles.
The second perspective, rather than “Best in Class,” is what we have dubbed “Best Compatibility.”  Rather than only considering which carriers stand out per product based on plan features alone, in this scenario we take into account which carriers per product offer the best overall options while simultaneously working within the defined overall assumptions contained within the parameters of an employers in force, preferred enrollment platform. Although a particular carrier may be compatible with one platform, they may not integrate with another.  In some cases a specific carrier offers some products which can be integrated into a given system while other products from said carrier are not compatible.

Combined Billing

As a fully licensed TPA SBCG provides consolidated billing of all voluntary benefit elections and premiums onto a single bill.  By doing this, an employer can be assured of offering the best in class benefits without the hassle of multiple bills and points of contact.  Each employer group is assigned a designated account manager to assist with any questions which may arise. 

Customer Service

Select Benefits prides itself on world class customer service. We greet our policyholders in a courteous and professional manner prior to listening effectively to our policyholders’ requests and promptly take the necessary actions to assist them.


Select Benefits is a plan administrator who manages the overall relationship between the employer and the respective insurance carrier(s). This involves everything from product selection, negotiating cost and underwriting, single source consolidated billing, as well as a single point of contact for employees regarding claims, questions and/or issues of any kind.


Following the successful completion of an enrollment our customer service department processes the new enrollment by entering data into our secure, proprietary, HIPPA compliant systems. Moving forward we work with the carrier(s) on behalf of the insured to resolve any issue they may encounter. In addition to taking daily policyholder service calls we run daily reports and conduct continuous audits to ensure accuracy of all information in our system.

Need to reach our Customer Service Department directly? Visit our page to find the best way for you.


Today many human resource managers are looking to streamline benefits administration, including enrollment with technology.  Often they are looking for a single source to meet their needs.  Often overlooked is that employees’ comfort level with technology varies, like it does relative to their understanding of their benefits.


We recognize the desire of employer groups to streamline administrative processes via systems and have experience working with many existing enrollment platforms to assist employees through the benefit communication and enrollment process.  While these enrollments have been successful, we sometimes find the benefits enrollment modules of administrative systems lack the user friendliness and may limit the supplemental benefit options for employees. 


We have brought enrollment solutions to our groups that are tailored to the enrollment process and are compatible with our employers’ “base” administrative systems.   These systems can be tailored to support web-based, call center, as well as face-to-face enrollment conditions at the same time. 


Benefits communication and enrollment is more than a system, it’s a planned event that is designed to educate employees on their options and the value of their benefits.  You should consider working with a firm that recognizes the value of an enrollment system and how it fits in to the overall communication and enrollment strategy.


ACA Reporting Compliance

SBCG can assist in finding the appropriate ACA reporting solution.  Services include profile and eligibility management, annual reporting and IRS filing.

Dependent Eligibility Audit

Each year self-insured plans lose millions of dollars providing benefits to ineligible participants.  As plan sponsors, employers need to trust but verify that their employees are only enrolling dependents eligible for coverage under their plans.  During a dependent verification audit, employees are asked to provide evidence of their relationship to all dependents covered under the plan.  By letting us manage this document intensive process on your behalf, you can make sure your plan is protected, while allowing us to manage the employee communications process.

Benefits Compliance Consulting

As an employer or broker you may have compliance related benefit questions.  SBCG can provide answers to the most complicated compliance related questions.  Our team of experts is available to assist at any time.