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Communication & Enrollment Services

Companies spend thousands of dollars annually on the cost of each employee’s health insurance alone.

Due to time and resource constraints, Human Resources Departments no longer have the time to provide many of the personalized benefits sessions they did in years past. There are simply not enough hours in the day and too many responsibilities to accomplish in that limited time. SBCG works with Human Resources to design and deliver a strategy that will provide thorough benefits communication to all employees using a variety of written, electronic and on-site methods.  More...

Voluntary Benefit Services

Employee surveys have shown they appreciate more convenient benefits choices made available through their employer.

SBCG can tailor a menu of voluntary, employee paid benefits that offers the most competitive insurance options available from over 40 insurance carriers. These include Disability, Life Insurance, Vision and Dental.

What's New?

Are you moving to a Consumer Driven Health Plan (CDHP)?

How will these new cost saving benefits be explained to all employees? Will employees view this change as a “take back” or see how these new plans share the responsibility for making good healthcare decisions that will maximize care and manage costs? The key is communication. SBCG can work with you to develop clear, concise communications programs to explain existing core employee benefits and new programs such as CDHP, HRA’s and Flexible Spending Accounts.

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