Below is an overview of frequently offered benefits. These can be individually selected or paired as a menu of options to compliment an existing benefits package at no cost to the employer.

(These are general benefit descriptions; actual features may vary based on state, group size, and carrier selection.)


Life Insurance

  • Provides financial security in the event of loss of life
  • No physical exams required
  • Portable upon retirement or change of employment
  • Long Term Care, AD&D & Waiver of Premium riders optional
  • Coverage available for employee, spouse, children and grand children

Disability Insurance

  • Income replacement for both short & long-term disabilities
  • Multiple plan designs available to meet employer’s needs
  • Income protection for time off due to injury, illness, and pregnancy
  • Benefits paid tax-free

Accident Insurance

  • Benefits paid directly to insured regardless of out-of-pocket expenses
  • Pays in addition to any other insurance you may have
  • Can be used to help pay deductibles, co-pays or recover lost income
  • Benefits paid for dislocation, fractures, lacerations, burns, hospitalization, and more
  • Individual and family coverage available
  • Excellent option for those with an active lifestyle or dependents participating in sports of all kinds

Critical Illness

  • Lump sum benefit paid directly to the insured upon diagnosis of a covered illness
  • Ideal for employers offering a high deductible health plan
  • Covers cancer, stroke, heart attack, end stage renal failure and more
  • Individual and family coverage available

Hospital Indemnity

  • Benefits paid directly to insured regardless of out-of-pocket expenses
  • Covers initial hospitalization and daily hospital confinement
  • Injury, illness, and pregnancy covered
  • Individual and family coverage available

Identity Theft Protection

  • Identity Theft Protection works to prevent & restore loss associated with ID theft
  • Detection & alerts given in real time for your benefit
  • Individual and family coverage available
  • 1 in 4 are victims of identity theft

Legal Coverage

  • Affordable monthly premiums
  • Covers most common legal needs such as will preparation, buying/leasing a home or car, adoption, uncontested divorce, juvenile matters and more
  • Provides access to an attorney in your area as well as phone and online services
  • Covers the whole family

Auto & Homeowners/Renters

  • Free quote that generally reflects as much as a 10% group savings
  • Offered through the convenience of payroll deduction
  • Fully portable
  • Often includes a 12-month rate guarantee

Limited Benefit Medical Plans

  • Ideal for employers with a large hourly or part-time workforce
  • Helps pay basic medical expenses related to illness or injury
  • Custom plan designs available
  • Options include daily hospital benefits, outpatient physician visits, surgery, anesthesia, accidents & critical illness coverage, and wellness benefits